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Home Staging

The Chinese believe that to attract into your life health, happiness, success and financial well-being is not so difficult. Providing that, you will put into practice the wisdom of an ancient knowledge.

Feng Shui is a Chinese system of geomancy believed to use the laws of both Heaven and Earth to help one improve life by receiving positive energy. The term feng shui literally translates as “wind-water” in English. This teaching is based on the idea of energy interaction between the home and the fate of man. That is why the interior of each corner of the apartment is very important.


Hallway classifies life energy circulating around the house. The energy flow enters your apartment through the hallway and then gets into other rooms. If your hallway is small, dark and cluttered with stuff, the chi energy jumps aside from the obstacles, circulates poorly and tries to leave the apartment rather than to enter. You may feel a lack of vitality, malaise and fatigue (up to disease). Even luck and success may turn away from you.

That is why entrance to your house should be light and bright. Choose light-colored wallpaper, decorate the walls with bright paintings and intensify the lighting. You can visually enlarge long and narrow corridor with the help of mirrors on the walls. This will also help you to attract to your apartment the Life Force of the Universe. A variety of wall decorations, lights and planters with climbing plants will also come in handy. In order to balance and to distribute the flow of chi energy in a large hall, place here a table, decorate it with plants, statue or stone. This object and its location will compel the attention.


Keep the stove and refrigerator always clean, both outside and inside. Do not keep the old pans and other trash in the oven, cause according to feng shui stove is one of the symbols of prosperity in the family. Try not to use only one or two burners, but all four by turns. On the stove place beautiful and clean cookware – it will attract wealth. Hang over the dining table appetizing still life depicting a gastronomic abundance. Put on the table a bowl of fruit – real or artificial. This is a guarantee that you will always have what to eat and something to treat your friends. Wash dishes immediately after eating, do not concentrate them in the sink. Try to throw out the garbage every day, but no later than eight o’clock.

Living room

Living room It is important that in the main room of the house were possibly less sharp corners, and the table ideally was round. Corners of the living room can generate strange problems and disagreements. The negative influence of corners can be simply removed if you will put there plants with rounded leaves. Mirrors, as well as fountains, waterfalls and aquariums are very appropriate in the living room. Since the flowing (but not flowing away), clean water is a source of energy, health and vitality. Aquarium with fish is also a symbol of wealth and prosperity. It is the best to place the aquarium in the passage, but not in front of the toilet or the entrance doors, otherwise all your luck will go out of the house.


Bedroom is perhaps the most important place in the house, because people spend third of their life in a dream. The less stuff is there in your bedroom, the calmer will be your sleep. Rooms with irregular (not under 90 degrees) angles “shocking” chi energy and can cause various problems. Fill these angles with plants or furniture. Remember, what is your bed – this is your life. In any case, do not place the bed in front of mirror or mirrored wardrobe, because they will scare the spirits of your dreams. And you may have a health problem, even sleeplessness. It is bad, when the bed headboard faces the window or the front door, as well as the wall in which there is a door. A place for sleep should be reliable. Unstable bed leads to instability and losses in the family.

We hope that the above written will change the way you approach your in-house planning and change the way you set up the furniture and decorations as well. Here, at Boston Imperial, we strongly believe that the inner balance and harmony of your home comes not only with the right placing of your belongings, but also with the harmony and love you bring in every time coming back after good old “long-long day”.

With this said, Feng Shui and Cheers!

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