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MoveFor Hunger

Lexe Proudly Supports Move For Hunger! Join Us Now!

How It Works

Lexel will pick up the unwanted, non-perishable food items from customers that are moving and deliver it to our local food bank.


There are so many food insecure families that need your support. Ask Lexel to provide with a Move For Hunger Box for you to fill up. Together we can make sure that your food will be delivered to a family in need rather than thrown away.

What To Donate?  

• Pasta and Sauce 

• Baby Food and Formula

• Dry Beans

• Flour

• Cereal 

• Oatmeal

• Juice

• Rice

• Peanut Butter and Jelly

• Crackers

• Cookies


• Vegetables

• Fruits

• Stews

• Soups

• Beans

• Tuna

• Meat

Donate Food

Any Questions?

Call us at 1(855)605-7755

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