If you have a lot of clothing to pack, packing can be a major hassle. If you have moved in the past (more than once) you have probably discovered that packing clothes away into standard cardboard moving boxes is not the most practical solution. When folding and packing clothes into boxes, it can cause your clothes to get jumbled up and wrinkled easily. You will either have to settle for a hefty dry cleaning bill (for pressing) or you’ll need an extra dose of patience to iron each item of clothing, piece-by-piece. This can be a nuisance even with a portable iron steamer.

Folding Clothes and Packing Them DOESN’T Do the Trick

Like many of us, you probably thought that folding your clothes into neat piles and packing them into boxes was the right thing to do. Not quite! Think of it this way, regardless of what you do, you will more than likely run out of space within your boxes. Plus, after the move, unpacking all your clothes, hanging them onto hangers and placing them into your closet space can be extremely time-consuming. It could take several hours depending on the amount of clothing within your wardrobe.

Well, the good news is, wardrobe boxes with a built-in hanging bar can resolve this problem quickly.


Make Moving Clothes Much Easier with This Easy Trick

With our wardrobe moving boxes, all you have to do is transfer your clothing directly from one closet to the next. That is it!

How it works…

WardrobeOur wardrobe boxes are designed with a metal bar to be placed inside the box. Unlike the traditional moving boxes, you will have extra space to place other items, such as accessories, shoes and boots. The extra space is located towards the bottom of the box.

These wardrobe boxes are ideal for moving, shipping clothes, and even storage. Our wardrobe boxes are 21″ x 18″ x 46″ and box rentals are FREE. If you prefer to own your own moving boxes, you can buy wardrobe boxes, they are priced to sell at only $11.00 each. You can easily order wardrobe boxes here.


Do’s and Don’ts of Moving Hanging Clothes.

Here are a few important tips to remember for your next move:

Don’t hang your sweaters on moving hangers, unless they are specifically designed for sweaters. Otherwise, it will completely ruin the structure of your sweaters along the shoulder area. There’s nothing worse than seeing a nice sweater that has permanent points at both ends of the shoulders.

Do use wooden hangers instead of wire hangers when hanging dresses. Sometimes using wire hangers will add crease marks around the shoulder area.

Don’t fold your sweaters up when packing. Instead, roll them up tightly. Rolling up your sweaters will give you plenty of room to pack additional items.

Do invest in wardrobe moving boxes. Choose moving boxes that include a metal hanging bar. Not all wardrobe boxes come equipped with a metal bar. Using our wardrobe boxes will not only save you time, but it will save you money and space.

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If you don’t have the spare time for packing, try our wardrobe packing services. We will pack your clothes for you. We also carry a crate rentals, which will give your valuable belongings an extra layer of protection.

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