​Here at Lexel we understand that sometimes you have to move out by a certain date, but your new place is not ready until the following day. We will be more than happy to offer you an overnight truck storage.

If you have to move out today, but the closing on a new home is only the next day – we’ve got you covered!

Our moving crew will pack, pad and protect all your belongings, load them safely on one of our moving trucks. Your crew chief will seal the truck in front of you. For your comfort we also offer truck sealing service. We provide tin, cable or a meter seal to secure your belongings. Protection seal will only be cut on the day of delivery to ensure a full safety of your belongings. We park your moving truck overnight at a secure video-monitored parking lot in a quiet neighborhood in one of the parking locations in Newton, MA or Waltham, MA. Your belongings will be delivered the next day upon the completion of the paperwork required by your bank and real estate agent.

Overnight storage is a convenient option in many different cases, e.g. new home purchase, new apartment lease or end of a storage lease.

Overnight storage is offered for up to 3 nights. Prices per night vary based on the size of the shipment. Please ask your moving consultant about details. To store your belongings for a longer period of time – please visit our Storage solutions page.

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